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New Generation of PrimePAC: IGBT5 and XT Module Process Now Available

Issuing time:2018-02-01 14:00
The latest generation of PrimePACKTM power modules with Infineon's next-generation IGBT advantages. The combination of IGBT5 and innovative .XT technology is an important milestone in the development of IGBT chips and module technology. IGBT5 reduces static and dynamic power losses and increases power density, while .XT module process technology can extend product life cycle times through enhanced thermal management and power cycling. Therefore, the newly introduced PrimePACK module has become the best choice for most high-power inverters such as wind power, photovoltaic and industrial transmissions.

The newly introduced PrimePACK power module uses Infineon’s latest IGBT5 chip, which has a maximum operating junction temperature (Tvjop) of 25K, which can reach 175°C. Compared with the previous generation, the IGBT5 chip has better soft-switching performance and lower total power loss. This will increase the power density of systems using 1200V and 1700V power modules. As a result, the output current of the system can be increased by up to 25% without changing the size of the PrimePACK installation.

The Infineon XT module process further enhances the performance of the proven PrimePACK, enabling it to meet the customer's current and future demand for product life. The reason why this is so is because Infineon uses IGBT chip and diode sintering process, while using copper bonding wire instead of aluminum bonding wire to improve system bonding performance. Since the lifespan of the PrimePACK module has been extended by a factor of ten, the availability of the system has been improved and the target system application has benefited greatly.

Infineon uses IGBT5 and .XT technology in the PrimePACK module to allow system designers greater freedom. With the new PrimePACK with IGBT5, designers can increase the output power of the application by 25%, or extend the life of the product by a factor of ten while maintaining the output current constant. Cooling design requirements can be greatly reduced while keeping output power constant. In addition, it can have more powerful system overload capability. Designers can choose between increasing output power or extending product life. Due to the greatly increased design flexibility, designers can choose the best solution for most system applications.

The new PrimePACK 3+ housing for high-current modules adds an AC output terminal and busbar to increase the current carrying capacity of the module, while the low-inductance connection of the lower IGBT collector can be achieved through additional control terminals.

First model:
The product portfolio will also be further expanded and models with voltages of 1200V/1500A, 1200V/1800A, 1700V/1200A and 1700V/1500A will be introduced in the future.
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