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   Shenzhen Hongbang Semiconductor Co., Ltd. specializes in the supply of electronic components for new energy products, and is dedicated to the high power electronic semiconductor industry. Focus on communication power supply, power supply, uninterruptible power supply, frequency converter, inverter, high frequency equipment, welding machine industry.    Always adhere to the "integrity-based, promote harmonious development" concept, and "customers, employees, suppliers," a win-win situation. To quality and cheap products for users across the country to provide excellent services, and is willing to work together with our customers and cooperate in the grand exhibition.      The company's main operating brands: Infineon (Siemens, you Poike), STARPOWER IGBT module, rectifier bridge, AN Schottky diodes and other power semiconductor devices.
Enterprise strength

● STARPOWER module agent
● China Power Electronics Industry Corporation
● Baidu Internet Security Certification Company
● Member of the Semiconductor Applications Alliance
● Staff from Huawei Emerson team

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